Flame Resistant Clothing FRC

FR Clothing Saves Lives

The best reason to invest in an FR program: it saves lives. For those working in industries that put them at risk of their clothes igniting, FR is a critical component in protection.

Protecting your employees with Flame Resistant Clothing is our job. We stock the most popular brands of Fire Retardant Clothing here in Baytown Texas.  We offer custom Embroidery and Alterations on site. Let us see if we can help your bottom line and keep your team safe and complaint in one of our Flame Resistant Clothing Brands

We offer a Corporate FRC program, call us at 281-420-3186 to get your business set up .

FR Clothing Saves Money


FR clothing costs more initially than everyday work clothing, but FR clothing should be seen as an investment, not an expense. Some FR fabrics last considerably longer than standard work clothing, helping to offset a higher purchase price with longer wear lives. Our Vendors utilize special construction techniques to maximize garment durability, resulting in garments that last longer and need to be replaced less often.

And the cost of a serious burn injury can be significant. Add up your direct costs (medical, prolonged recovery and rehabilitation time, disability, job retraining) with the indirect costs (workers’ compensation, lost work time, increased insurance premiums), and often times the cost of a single burn injury exceeds the cost of an entire FR program.







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